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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MFB Question of the Week

* Note = I Cooooompletly Futsed on this week's scheduling & didn't get this question up on Sunday like it was SUPPOSED to be! Sorry Lauren My Dear!!*

Would you rather live where there are tornadoes or hurricanes, and why?

 Though I know that the like for these kind of places seem to be because of he NICE weather.... I don't think I could put up with those downfalls... I think I'll Stay where my worst concern, is RAIN! :D
Rain Graphic #18
 What about you???
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Miss Allie said...

If only we could all be so lucky lol. I'll take tornadoes though. I know how to deal with those since I've lived in Tornado Alley my whole life. Plus, I think homeowner's insurance coverage in hurricane areas would be much more expensive lol.

I nominated you for a blog award in my latest post m'dear!

S.I.F. said...

Totally agree... so not worth it. I'll take neither please! :)

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