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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What is YOUR most viewed?

I'm linking up over at FTLOB for today's fun post question :

"What is Your Most Viewed Post?"

 Mine is:

I wrote that one back during Christmas for 
blog prompts.

& as of today, it has racked up 204 page views!
I know thats not a WHOLE lot, but thats alot for me! :D

Whats YOUR most viewed post?

to find out;

go to dashboard, stats, all time and 
your most viewed post will be right there on top with total amount of views. 
Then head on over to FTLOB & link up their about YOUR fun post!

In other news, I received some more postcards!

First, Erin sent me this amazing vintage open lens shot of "Whyte Ave"...
such a wonderfully breathtaking busy city shot!

Then, Jello sent me this adorable personal postcard! Such a cute idea!!

Thanks ladies! I'll be sending yours out soon!


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