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Sunday, May 15, 2011

MFB Question of the Week

2. Who does number two work for?

I know most would say Dr. Evil... 
but i think it is a matter of opinion...
& mine leans towards this lovely lady:

What do you think??



Mollie said...

Such a great movie.

Miss Allie said...

In the end, they all work for the man lol

Han said...

Frau Farbissina makes so much more sense - I think Dr Evil was like the face-man - he was the face of the brand but Frau F was really pulling the strings lol.

My OH loves the Austin Powers films - they are okay some bits are just a bit ott. Then again dancing round the living room to the Soul Bossa Nova (aka Austin Powers theme) is funny anyday of the week lol.

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