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Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting to know ME!!!

So'm I'm joinin in over @ for 
"Getting to know YOU"  Mondays!

1. would you rather go on a picnic or to a bbq?

BBQ! Definitely!! Friends, Family, Music, Games, & Food.. What could be better???

2. would you rather go bra-less or panty-less?
Oh crappo.. Neither really, but if I have to choose... Well I wouldn't get a choice. I would have to say "Panty-less" or Sans Chonies as we say it at my house... Cause really? My Ladies can't be allowed to swing free, unless I'm wanting to give people black eyes... ( Including me!)

3. would you rather go on a $5000 shopping spree at your favorite store or go on a $5000 vacation?
Uhm.. Shopping spree. No doubt.
Have you seen my wardrobe lately?? I can go Vaca at my cabin.. Gimmie some CLOTHES!!

4. would you rather eat escargot or sauteed crickets?
My hubby is French, So unfortunately the Snails are already a given around here...
( Though dear MIL hasn't gotten me to eat one YET!!)

5. would you rather go on survivor or the amazing race?
HA! Doesn't matter cause I won't last long! I'll vote my DAMN self off! :D
6. would you rather be hot or cold?  
Cause I can always cool down.. can't STAND when I get to cold. 
I'm a baby when I'm too cold...
7. would you rather go to the beach or lake?
Beach, Cause I will barely play in the water anyways. 
( I have a huge fear of "what-if-something-grabs-me") 
...& The beach is MUCH prettier! :D

8. would you rather not shave your legs for a month in the summer or your armpits?
Uhm... Ew? 
Legs.. My Hair doesn't grow much after the first week, So I'm good there. I ain't having no hairy armpits! Even if my hubby is french, that crap ain't gonna fly! Naaaasty...
Okay. Go ahead & stop by, answer & link up on the questions yourself over at:

So we can get to know 
YOU a little better!!


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Veronica Lee said...

Love your answers especially #2!! LOL!!

Happy Monday!

Breann said...

Done! and I linked up on my site as well!

TerinAleah said...

Hi! I'm a new follower! :) Can't wait to get to know you better!

S.I.F. said...

Hahahaha! I just said something about getting a black eye from my free swinging ladies yesterday! Too funny!

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