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Sunday, May 8, 2011

MFB Question of the Week

1.What is the best and tastiest brand 
of butter to buy in the UK?

I'm actually curious my self on this one, since i've never had anything other than
CountryCrock & ICan'tBelieveIt'sNotButter! from right here in the USA...


What do YOU think??




Slidecutter said...

You just had to make me research this, didn't you?

Okay...Lurpak or Presidente are two top butter brands. The UK kinda frowns on margarine/substitute butter use.


Han said...

We have Butter Me Up which is the supermarket own brand but my housemate uses Lurpak - I prefer Flora but don't really mind as long as it does the job lol.

-Mallori said...

she posted about this not too long ago!

I gave you a blog award!

Mollie said...

NO! YOU ARE ALL WRONG! The best is Anchor.

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