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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Candy Swap!

Got my Candy Swap Box from Vala All the way from Iceland!
...There were so many goodies inside...

Take a look!

First, She sent me two postcards:

Akureyri looks like a beautiful town by the water! 

& I love the look of the columns out in the water in this one...
(Though Vala seems to have had some weather troubles when she went!)

She also send some Maps & info... Pretty awesome reading.

& of course.... The CANDY!!!

Lots of chocolate & licorice!
(Mostly black licorice, which is great because it's my FAVORITE!!) 

It was so neat to get to experience things from so far away...
I'm so happy that Erin set this up! :) *Thanx Dearie!*

I hope I can keep in touch with Vala... & I can't WAIT to join in on the next swap!


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Chrissy said...

How fun! I did the candy swap as well! And I love black licorice, too! Yummy!!!

Jessi said...

Ooh black licorice is my favorite!

Erin Dawn said...

Awesome, so glad you guys took part!

AMY said...

Very Fun! I'd love a swap like that! I'm a crazy candy addict!
AND.....THANK YOU so much for the awesome postcard!!! I LOVE it.....Seattle is Beautiful!
I'd love to go there some day.
I'll be sending you one from MN soon.
Thanks sweetheart, I'd love to stay in touch and keep sending back & forth!

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