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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Wish List

So, lately I've been on a couple blog that participate in something called "Target Tuesdays"

Now, I LOVE this idea... but when I went to join in, I noticed target doesn't have much in the variety in choices when it comes to PLUSsizes...

So I'm changing things up a little!


This week I have my eye on THESE:

This adorable dress (Perfect for Easter)
along with this perfect little shrug..

via                                                     via

Plus, paired with these cute little pink flats??


Uhm, Chea?!?!

Oh! & don't forget the Clutch...

via                                   via

yes, Please!!

So show us those adorably cute must haves,
the ones you try on just to see how it looks, 
that you start mentally stretching those pennies in the bank trying to make it worth the while..
The ones you can't WAIT to go all shopping spree on...


(I'm hoping next week, to add a Linky here!)

Whats on YOUR Wish List??


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KLZ said...

Oh, I want that dress so very, very badly! It's so cute!!

Slidecutter said...

That dress is adorable, paired with the shrug..perfect. Think I like the lighter colored clutch better.

Save those pennies!

S.I.F. said...

I adore that white clutch!

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