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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I LOVE Snail Mail!

As rediculous as it is i'm just soooo excited...

(I feel like a little kid on Easter.. finding that first Easter egg.

I received TWO postcards in the mail today!

I know, I know.. seriously? I'm this excited over some snail mail??

but, YEA!

The first was from my Momma..
She just had her first trip EVER to Hawaii!

When she asked me what I wanted.. i asked for a postcard sent from there...

(Well I got exactly that.)

I called & teased her when I got it, cause I expected a little more writing... but she just laughed... "Oh, I didn't think of that!" haha I love her...

The next one I got was from a new friend named Nadine

Recently I ran across some gals who said they send postcards back & forth, I thought this sounded like alot of fun & asked if I could join in..
(It would be nice to get something in the mail that wasn't BILLS)

This is what I received from her:

I Absolutely LOVED this one! So vintage styled.. 
plus, gotta love a girl that chooses pinkish purple ink over bland black or blue.. ;)

(I'm sending mine out to her tomorrow, though its definitely not as cool!)

If YOU love to get snail mail, & would love to join in, 
leave your email in the comments and I send you one too! 
(Don't forget to head over to Nadine's site & send her an email as well!)

What's in YOUR mail box??


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Anonymous said...

I love snail mail. I tried to have a pen pal through another blog I read but I waited too long to write the letter and I think the girl lost interest because I haven't gotten a letter back. I found a couple sites that I can get one from, though, so I'm gonna try again in the summer. I love getting letters or anything in the mail (my birthday is my favorite time of the year because of this). For now, though, I just get magazines. And I'm sure that when I move into my own place, bills will be added to that stack.

Cool postcards! I especially like the second one. Beautiful scenery!

Poekitten said...

Any mail that isn't bills or junk is great! I love getting postcards too:) You should check out You mail postcards all over the world and then you get them from all over the world. It's fun!

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

Naaaw, lovely. Thanks so much!! I can't wait to get your postcard! And I bet it's at least equaly as cool. :)
Yeah, I totally heart this vintage look, I need to purchase a few more, because I'm sure as hell they're out of print today. Maybe the firm doesn't even exist anymore. Haha.
Let's stay in contact, will we?!

XO. Have a niiice day. Nadine

Eschelle said...

I LOVE SNAIL MAIL!!! you have no idea how thrilled I am when i get ANYTHING in the mail! I love going down to my little mail box and I love getting even crap lol!!

Post cards would be lovely though, but i'm a horrible pen pal... might be great at getting mail but i'm horrible at sending any back lol!!

Erin Dawn said...


AMY said...

I Love Snail Mail!!!
I want to join in too! FUN!

I'm a new follower.
Amy's Life @

Miss Allie said...

This is such a cute idea! I love Snail Mail.
Would love to join in the fun on this.

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