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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

The wonderfully horrid pictures I posted earlier today are NOT recent! 
my hair is still wonderfully dark brown!

These were ACTUALLY from a brain fart I had a few years back.

I had decided that i didnt want to tell my usual hairdresser that I wanted to do to my hair, 
so I had stupidly used a streaking kit to color my hair pink..
& then tried to bleach and color the rest... 
Alas, it turned out HORRIBLE.
I looked like a orange creamsicle with a pink glaze...
I don't have pictures of what it looked like in the end.. 
(it was THAT bad!)

..& it was back to brown less than a month later...

but all of you were SO supportive! 
At least I know that if I want to dye my hair crazy colors again, 
that ALL PINK is the way to go! ;)



Ashley said...

I've had some crazy hair days too... once I used an at home red die and it turned my hair green. So weird!

Jill said...

I'm a redhead....and I once dyed my hair red. not good to dye red hair red....I looked like a firetruck. then tried to dye it a light brown to fix it with highlights....I turned orange!! I had to hide my hair under a cap for 2 days before the salon could see me! LOL....

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