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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Postcards from me

Kay, So obviously either I'm stupid,
or the dang post office is.

Cause I got THREE of my post cards back...
& not in the "Return to sender" type way.


Like somehow, the post office thought my addy
was the one it was being SENT to.


So, Chrissy, Eschelle, & Erin...

Sorry bout that.

Don't know what happened.. but I will be RE-sending them tommorrow. 

Hopefully they actually get to you this time.

There is only one I haven't gotten back, & that's the one I sent to Nadine... but I have yet to hear if she has received it... We will see. :)

Lets try this again!!


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Chrissy said...

Haha, so cute! Np worries! Mine is on it's way!!!
Hope you had a fab day!
Hugs xxx

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

Oh no, what happened? Bad karma around? Nooo, just kidding.

:) Lots of love!

Erin Dawn said...

OH NOES! Did you get the postcard I sent you??

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