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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding!!

They did it!!

And Ryan & I stayed up ALLLLLL night to watch it!

...I luvd the Hats... 

(& Hated a few too)

...I luvd the trees...

...I luvd the Procession on the Mall...

 ...I lud the Queen...

...I luvd the Bridesmaids & Ring Bearers...

& I LUVD the DRESS!!!

(note angry little one here in the left corner!!!! wowsa!)


Definitely a beautiful, elegant, regal celebration.

Take a look here at the beautiful married couple!!

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 Don't forget that its:


Breann said...

I laughed out loud at the angry little girl! HAHAHAHHAHA

Sarah the Writer said...

I wish the wedding hadn't been on so damn early! But from the pictures I saw of the dress and the kiss, that is one happy couple! Kate makes a gorgeous bride!

Never really understood why that style of hat (the only hat-wearer who isn't wearing that style is the Queen. Her's looks better) is so popular. I guess it's a matter of taste?

Eschelle said...

it was honestly divine i cried the whole time!

Mollie said...

For some reason, I wasn't following you. I thought I was... Derp. NOW I am.

It was pretty cool, the wedding and stuff.

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