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Friday, April 1, 2011

aiukli - because life is beautiful

Time to introduce our latest MFB:

 Meeting Mallori was a wonderful thing for me, as she introduced me to alot of new blog friends, sparked a few new ideas, & even got me into a weekly photo swap that has recently become a big highlight of my blogging week! Reading her blog is always a breath of fresh air,
(even though she makes ME want to break out in 
hives from stress & stop to catch my breath FOR her!)
This busy bee of a college girl somehow in her busy schedule was able to to get all her run-arounds & schoolwork done & still sit down and answer a few questions for me!
and through it all.. you can still hear a smile on her face!
(I don't know HOW she does it!)

Without further ado
Please welcome my newest friend

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a fifth year college student right in the heart of the Sooner State (Oklahoma). I will be graduating on May 14, 2011 (that's 43 days from April 1, but who's counting?) I have two younger brothers, and a very close-knit family on my mom's side. I love to love, laugh, take pictures, and spend time with those who mean the most to me. I'm a very busy person 24/7, and I don't know what to do with my life when my schedule isn't jam-packed! I love reading nightly before I fall asleep, and I read just about anything! I'm an atypical sorority girl, and I am heavily involved in two other organizations on campus. My dream job would be an athletic trainer for a pro sports team, but I don't want to be poor trying to get there. Instead, I'm hoping to be a nurse one day. And I love to travel :)

2. What is your favorite Lazy Sunday routine?
 It's funny, because Sundays are not lazy for me at all. Sure I may sleep in until almost noon when I'm here at school, but as soon as I wake up I go, go, go! Sundays are the days I typically get my work caught up for the upcoming week, and then I have my weekly chapter meetings on Sundays for my sorority. BUT, if I could have a lazy Sunday, it would be to either read a book for pleasure or watch movies all day.

3. Why/how did you get started blogging?
I first started blogging when I was in high school over at xanga. I did it because it was the cool thing to do. When I first started blogging here on blogger, it was kind of a cry for attention. I don't remember how I found blogger, but I liked it a lot better. I never posted consistently. Then last semester I found a blog called Fairytale Beginning, and realized I wasn't the only one who was fascinated with her life story. I thought, you know, maybe if I start posting regularly, I can direct people to my blog to know what I'm thinking. So at the end of October I started blogging regularly, and I'm so glad I did! I've found some pretty amazing blogs in the world, including this one right here that is featuring me :)

4.What is your favorite "Lose Yourself" book of the moment?
Right now I am reading two books. The first one is The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I was kind of reserved about this book because a lot of people have told me they didn't really like it, or couldn't get into it. But I wanted to try it out for myself and I personally love it. The other book I am reading is Little Women, because a group of girls and I were talking about it at lunch one day and I realized I couldn't remember very much about it.

5. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
My blog before was titled Nushkobo Aiukli, Chokvsh Weki. It was supposed to mean Beautiful Mind, Heavy Heart in Choctaw. It was because I loved my thoughts, but my heart hurt at the time over a past love. Now it is titled aiukli-because life is beautiful because it's true. Aiukli (pronounce eye-yuke-lee) is the Choctaw word for beautiful.

I recently got a tattoo with this word to remind myself every day
to look for the beauty in life.

6. What is you favorite movie of the moment?
Oh goodness, favorite movie is always difficult for me. I'm not going to follow the rules (because I'm always bad at following blog rules anyways). My favorite comedy right now is The House Bunny. My favorite Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy for those of you that don't speak in abbrevs.) is The Ugly Truth. My favorite Thriller/Horror is anything from the Saw series. But that could all change tomorrow.

7. What is your favorite thing to blog?
I seriously love my new feature that I started March 1. It is called "Tell the World Tuesday" and I like this feature because I learn more about the amazing women I follow. Some of the questions are silly, and some are serious. And each person makes it their own, and I think that's what I love the most.

8. What is your top "sing&dance your heart out" song of the moment?
Hands down, Yeah 3x by Chris Brown. I've always been a fan (and feminists can hate me all they want), and this is the tune I jam out to while I'm getting ready to go out. I think my hall is sick of it, ha ha!

9. Link the top 3 favorite blogs you wrote, & tell us what was behind your writing them.
I wrote this when I was being silly, and a lot of people loved my silliness.
2) Any Tell the World Tuesday Feature
for the same reason in question #7
because this is the point where I got as real as I had been with my readers. 
 They got to see how having my appendix surgery really affected me.
-and I like all my picture posts, 
because I believe you can never take too many pictures.

 10. Who/what do you want to be when you 
"Grow up"?
I just want to be happy. That is my main goal in life. Other than that, I want to be a nurse, a world traveler, I want to age as gracefully as my grandmother has, and I want to own so many books that I can have a library, kind of like in Beauty and the Beast.

11. Link the top 3 blogs you read. 
Your "Daily Must Checks"
This is really difficult for me to answer! I have a few REAL-LIFE friends that I constantly check, and then I've made so many wonderful friends since joining other sites.
As far as new friends go, I'd have to say the top three I stalk regularly and comment on almost every post are:

1) OK in UK

2) My Beautiful Disaster
My Beautiful Disaster

3) threads and thoughts and things I love

12. Describe/show your top "Can't live without" Item
It's a circle, it's silver, it means a lot to me, and it has a logo on it. (It's my college class ring) It means a lot to me because it shows what I've worked diligently for 5 years for, and I personally think it's pretty. I paid for it myself, so it's a nice chunk of change out of my pocket. But I never take it off. I sleep and shower in it. (I have other "Can't live without" items, but for now, this one is pretty special.)

13. Whats your favorite time of the year?
My favorite time of the year is FALL, hands down. Here in Oklahoma, fall is GORGEOUS. The leaves are beautiful colors (you'll see red/orange/yellow AND green at the same time), it's cool enough to wear a jacket/hoodie, but still warm enough that it isn't a necessary accessory, and IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON. I'm a huge sports fan, and NCAA football is my favorite sport to watch. It doesn't help that I go to a school whose main athletic program is football....(The University of Oklahoma)

14. What is something you would like to try in the future of your blog?
I think I might want to try a fashion post, just because a majority of fashion bloggers I see are tiny girls. And I have a pretty laid back style--if it's comfortable, I'm in it. If not, I may wear it OCCASIONALLY to look nice.

15. If you could re-live any moment in your life,   
when & why? 
 I really can't think of a moment I would want to re-live. I think it's because I'm more mature than typically 23 year olds (I think anyways), and I know that every moment happens for a reason. Don't get me wrong, I've had a lot of fun throughout the years, but I don't know that any of it is stuff I want to do over. I kind of want to know the adventures I have ahead of me.
But if you really want an actual moment, I'd have to say it's when I crossed the finish line of my half marathon. I was so overcome with happiness that I burst into tears. I don't think that's something I'll ever get to experience again, just because it was my first ever huge race. Now if I run another (or 2 or 3), I'll KNOW I can finish.

Thank you Sooo much Mallori for participating in MFB!
Make sure you head on over to her page & check her out! 

You won't regret it!



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this turned out great! and I like the intro :)

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Sprinter - DarKz (170BPM)

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