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Sunday, April 17, 2011

MFB Question of the Week

3. What kind of cellular phone do you have?

Make sure you stop by & see whats going on
in her neck of the woods over at:

*I personally have a
 But I want what my hubby has...

What about you?? 


Sarah the Writer said...

I have a Samsung Rogue, but I really want a Droid or iPhone (since it's now available on Verizon. Sounds too cool to avoid getting one just because I don't follow the crowd and the crowd seems to follow Apple).

-Mallori said...

I have an LG Lotus (Sprint exclusive) and it's starting to get shoddy.

I WANT a Blackberry Style (another Sprint exclusive), and hopefully I'll get to upgrade at 18 months (June 26)!

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