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Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have no idea what to write.

Writers block?

No, Can't be that... I don't actually WRITE often here, & when I do its a long drawn out list of big words and percolated thoughts that have accumulated in my brain and desperately needed an escape.

No, not writers block.

I just have nothing to write about.

I want more postcards... They make me happy. 
It's like I can look at it for a second, & then pretend I'm at where it came from.

*my neighbor thinks I'm crazy, standing by my mailbox with my eyes closed.*

I'm craving Easter candy... but nothing I can find anywhere fro here. 
I want some icy candy.

I need a new job. 

My Butt is definitely getting flat from all this sitting around... 
and yet, my blog is more active.

I've decided I have a new lady crush.
She's an awesome girl-next-door type that I'm just head over heels for.
...I wonder if you know her...

I've re-discovered apple crisps.
How did I survive without them?

I Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to color my hair,

but to scared of the change.

I've entered so many giveaways in the last two days, I'm surprised I still have any twitter followers.

I'm SUPER obsessed with Pandora right now,  & even more with the wonderfully talented Regina Spektor that it has introduced me to.

Yup. THIS is what I ment when I said :



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Slidecutter said...

I hear ya kiddo! I got nuttin' too these last few days, other than rants over my Blogger-battles.

Don't do a drastic hair color change, start with some good highlights done chunky & fine. If you like the contrast, leave it. The color re-touch upkeep won't be difficult either.

Sending you a virtual Peep for Easter!


Kendra said...

Haha, it sounds like you have a LOT of things to say, silly.

I have a girl crush on her too :)
So pretty.

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