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Sunday, April 10, 2011

MFB Question of the Week

2. What is your favorite kind of bubble gum?

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*You can never go wrong with

but in terms of BUBBLEgum??
I'll take:

What about you??


Danielle said...

Anything minty... yum (:

Kristin(: said...

uhm... I like Juicy Fruit!!!

Anonymous said...

Anything that's flavored in either orignial bubble or strawberry. So good!

Miss Allie said...

Most definitely Bubble Yum in watermelon! Fruit Stripe is good too, the flavor doesn't last long enough for me though.

Summer Breeze said...

I remember fruit stripe... it had tattoos :) but my favorite is the 5 gum in cobalt (peppermint!! Ftw!) For chewing and bubble yum for bubble blowing

-Mallori said...

I'm sorry I've disappeared! I'll answer here...

My favorite gum is Orbit Cinnamint :)

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