New to Legos In My Pocket??

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So I've been sitting here wondering why I wasn't giving any comments back on my blogs. Had I been gone for too long? Was nobody reading my posts? What was going on?!

What the hell!? 

Then I finally got in touch with an old friend Lindsay,
and she asked me if I had turned the comments off on my blog/

"What?! No!"

Apparently, the Intense Debate comment box on my blog 
has not been showing up for most people...


Now, I've had this problem with ID since I installed it… I am really sure at this point, that I do not like intense debate!

Now, don't get me wrong… I would love everything else there is about ID! I love the way that I can respond back directly to each person. But not even getting my comments… 
That's not okay with me!

I love getting my comments from different people! I love hearing what people have to say! And what, now my blogs to cool for other people's opinions? I don't think so…

So last night I sat for two hours and tried to delete ID from my blog… But unfortunately I made the mistake of adding it to the template. Once you add ID to the template, it is harder than hell to get rid of them! I have actually had to send an email to intense debate themselves to get them to help me delete it!


Come ON Intense Debate!!! Your so NOT helping your case here!!!

So my faithful blog readers, if you're out there… I still want to hear what you have to say! Just stick with me a little while longer while I get this sorted out.

A few comments that I have received, say that they have to go into each blog post to actually see the comment box.

Hopefully, I can get this fixed sooner rather than later....

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