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Saturday, January 21, 2012

McDonald's, Disney Films, & Bubble Wrap.

It's my FAVORITE time of the week!
It's time for:

For those of you who are new:

Just like cartoons early Saturday morning ...
When you would get up early on PURPOSE to wrap yourself in a blankie, big bowl of cereal in your lap and watch silly shows till you couldn't laugh anymore??
Everyone likes to laugh. I haven't met many people who don't. We all love to laugh, or smile, giggle to ourselves, or laugh out loud so randomly that the people around us wonder if they need to call for help...
(That last one is my FAVORITE pass-time)

Well I know that I do. I also know I LOVE to make others laugh, therefor..  
"Silly Saturdays!"

Sit back, drink some coffee, chow some cereal, and remember what its like to just laugh. there is nothing else that matters in the world...

Share them with your friends. Keep them to yourself. You can even join in and share what YOU'VE got!
All I ask, is that you smile, relax, and Laugh!

Don't forget to leave you thoughts, questions, requests and <3 in the comments below!!


Dear person in the stall next to me, 
Your cough may have covered the sound, but it sure doesnt cover the smell.
Sincerely, not fooling anyone...

Dear Mom who just texted me GTTSBBSDITF,
Who in their right mind could ever figure out that means 
"Gone To The Store, Be Back Soon, Dinner In The Fridge." ?!?
Sincerely, Face Palm

Dear giant spider on the wall I'm about to kill,
on second thought, you can hve it. I really didn't want to be in that room anyways.
Sincerely, to terrified to kill you.

Dear strobe lights,
Thank you for making any dance look awesome!
Sincerely, people who can't dance

Dear Will.I.Am,
When you die, will your name be Will.He.Was.? 
Sincerely, Just curious

Dear Lady Gaga,
My dresses are still cooler than yours.
Sincerely,  Mrs. Frizzle

Dear people who say " $ can't buy you happiness."
$ can buy McDonald's, Disney Films, & Bubble Wrap.
Sincerely, Your SO wrong.

Dear Mom,
If my friends all jumped off a cliff its probably cause I did it first.
Sincerely, the Leader

Dear boy who asked why I wear a bra when I have nothing to put in it, 
Well you wear pants don't you?
Sincerely, Now what?

Dear Vegetarians,
My food craps on yours. 
Sincerely, I LOVE Hamburgers.

Dear Tweeters,
#Please #Stop #Hash #Tagging #Everything.
Sincerely, #Unnecessary

Dear Internet,
But I NEED all those tabs!
Sincerely, Stop being slow, I'm not closing them.


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