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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seattle SnowStorm 2012

Like most of Western Washington, we have been dealing with a wonderfully annoying beautiful but dangerous snow storm the past few days. Thankfully all of the weather chaos fell on my husbands 4-day weekend & we have only lost power fully once, for a few hours while we were sleeping.

So we have basically had a forced 4 day vacation together! It's been nice...

We've gone on late night walks in the snow, watched marathon episodes of 
Big Bang Theory, drank cocoa, played video games, took long naps, made dinner at 5am...
just all laid back and spontaneous. Very awesome. :) 

Yesterday we spent most of the morning sipping cocoa & watching the ice fall out of the trees like little mini hailstorms in the yard. Sadly today is the end of our vacation, so... everything back to normal. 

Oh well, it was awesome while it lasted.

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