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Friday, February 24, 2012

Pass It Forward!

Okay I have stumbled on something epic-ly AWESOME.

While I was over at 5ohWifey's blog, I read her latest post about a project she was joining in on. It's from the lovely Ashley over at The Shine Project:


This is probably the greatest idea I've heard in a LONG time! My friends & I used to all do this back in highschool all the time... & I try to do it here & again now... 
but this is AWESOME!

It's kinda like the $1.00 bill "Where's George" project. They are card with little ID #'s on them, & when you pay it forward you give the card to the cashier, and ask them to pass it to the person you paid for. 

 This is what the card looks like:

Then you go home, log in & enter the whens & wheres... & then the process starts all over again! & you can track where your cards go & who they help!
Now if it actually works, this could be really epic!

To get the cards, you can either visit her SHOP & pick out something you like, you'll
 get 1 free card with that... or you can purchase 10 cards for EXTREMELY cheap!! 

My 10 cards are on there way... & I can't WAIT to pass them on! 


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Rachel R. said...

This is a nice idea :)

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