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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Everyone Changes

Everybody changes, right?

Some for the better, some for the worst.
But how do you know which is which? How do you know what is a phase, and what is real change? How do you know what to put up with, what to ignore and what to speak out to?

If everybody changes, I cant be the only one feeling like this, right??

But everybody changes. Even your person.

....You know what I mean "your person"....
Everyone has a person. That single soul who you feel connected to in a way beyond just friends. When you know that someone better than anyone else, and they know everything about you, even the things you only tell your diary. Cause thats how it works, when you find your person.

But even your person can change.

Even your person can turn so quickly into a stranger you would never want to know. A person who criticizes, and judges. A person who feels the need to be defensive over every statement you make. To snap at every opinion you have. To rub your nose in everything they consider a mistake.

They purposely put aside the things they know about you. Little details that make you, you. Little things that always allowed you a little extra say, a little extra patience. They stop hearing your words as helpful, thoughtful, and caring... & start to hear their own twisted versions of hatred and betrayal. They start to treat you like any other random person, or even as an enemy.

Then you try to talk to them, try to tell them how you feel. Next thing you know they are freaking out! Blowing steam out of their ears and spitting in your face with comments that hold no ground. Bringing up situations that hold no coincidence. Telling you how you're not there for them, that you don't really care, that as far as they are convinced they can do without you. They will make you feel like you don't matter as much as you thought.

And that thought, will kill you.

No matter what happens next, no matter how much you try, no matter how much they act like everything is normal... it's not. It will never be like it was again. 
Because in the end, nothing stays the same. 

Everyone changes.

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