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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Heart Day

Valentines day. 

It's one of those days that most couples feel the need to buy sweets, flowers, & stuffed toys for their loved ones to more or less "prove" their affections. Then there is also the people who choose to view this day as a perfect chance for revolt, hosting "Forever Alone" parties full of eating & drinking.

Ryan & I use this day as yet just another reason, to laugh. :)

Instead of buying cards and gifts, we go to the store and pick out the things that we would give each other and laugh and joke about the corny sweetness that occurs on this day.

...He thinks he so funny giving me a bigger puppy than I gave him...

We always have so much fun. After we go get stuffed on food & go home & spend the rest of the night watching a marathon of our current TV series & eating candy till our tummy's hurt.

Here is a video of Ryan drinking his first Martini ever:

Such a great tradition.

Here are some of the cards we found funny this year:

Hope you had a great Valentines / Forever Alone day 


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