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Sunday, March 6, 2011

..A day in my life...

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Day 25
A picture of your day.

Goodmorning Sunshine!!

Breakfast time

...Play with a baby...

Crochet something fun

Bake something yummy

...Play with a baby again... with a puppy...

Make a mess with the hubby

Hubby = COD BlackOps
Me = Blogger 



G'night Sweetheart!


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Chrissy said...

How cute! Love the pics! Fun post! Have a wonderful day! xxx

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot more fun day than my weekends have been lately - nothing but homework, workout, and church on Sunday. Although even after I graduate, I'm not gonna have an adorable baby and adorable puppy to play with (my cats spend their days either outside or sleeping inside).

Slidecutter said...

More exciting than my day was; why do week-end just fly by?

Enjoy a cuddly evening!


Slidecutter said...

....dang it! The "s" fell off my week-end...just glue it up for me, lol


Jaimie said...

Thanx ladies!

Patty.. you crack me up! my phone emailed me when you posted your first comment, and for some reason I KNEW you would say something about missing the "s"... I laughed so hard when I got your second comment my hubby looked at me like I was going crazy... made my night.. Thanx! :)

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