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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rainbow MAGIC!

I wanted to join in for St. Patty's day,  So I made these delicious bits of scrum.didditly.umptious!!

Arnt they cute??

Why don't you try them!?
...Ready your station...
(I made 3 batches of 24 MiNi Cupcakes!)

Take 2 boxes of 
Prepare according to box directions then separate 
into 6 different "batches" & add food coloring till at desired color. 
( Make sure you have one for each color of the RAINBOW!)


Now pour some of each cake "batch" its own separate Ziploc bag, starting with the bottom color of your rainbow... (Purple, then blue, then green, etc.) Snip one bottom corner off, and "pipe" each layer into bottom of your cupcake cups.

Fill cupcake cups to BRIM with batter 
to achieve nice puffed "muffin-tops"

Now just bake according to directions on the box!

These beautiful little babies pop right out and are so delicious & fun to eat! The cake batter is pretty sweet, so I piped a fluffy Cool Whip cloud on top!

I served the first batch of these on our most recent ladies night & they were a HUGE hit! 
(Apparently they made us grownups feel like little kids, eating rainbows...)

I found this idea HERE


Ps. What did YOU do to celebrate St. Patty's Day???


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Sarah the Writer said...

Yum! Those look so good! (but then again, what baked good DOESN'T look good to me?)

My St. Patty's Day was a normal Thursday night: I just hung out in my room, watching TV and doing stuff online.

Amanda Moury said...

Jaimie these look UH-MAZING! How neat!!! Thank you for the inspiration! :)

Jaimie said...

Thanx manda! :)

Kayli@Truly Lovely said...

These look crazy delicious and SO fun!!! Good picking! :) And thank you SOO much for the birthday wish- you're awesome! :)

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