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Friday, December 3, 2010

Can we do it??... Can You???

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*New Years*

The new beginning. 
The start over. 

The time of year when everyone in the world sets rules & standards for themselves that they do everything humanly possible to meet & surpass for the next 365 days to make their life "happier." Goals to make "This year better.." 

We all do it. 

Even if we say we don't believe in resolutions, we know that at some point, deep in our brains, the thought that "This year I'll be different.. better." always occurs in one shape or another. 

And we try. 

We give up chocolate. Plan to exercise more. Be more confident. Drink less. Stop taking "shortcuts" with our work. Be less cocky. Go back to school... whatever mundane (or superb) task we have set our minds to. 

Sadly, most of us only make it a few months tops before we give in to our seductive yearnings and dive head first into the enitre box of Valentines chocolates we bought as a gift for someone else...
It's not my fault Dark chocolate smells so damn good!
We pass off work-out plans for a glass of wine while sitting on our butts watching those delicious hunks of sexiness flit thier way around our t.v. screens in all thier McDreamy/McSteamy-ness luring us towards one more sensational glass of wine...
What I would DO for 5 minutes in that on-call room...
We even push those last few calls to the answering machine just so we can punch out a few minutes early and get home in time to wash our hair before the little ones parade through the front door instead of sitting on the phone setting up one more appointment for that one customer who loves to tell you about her youngest grand kid's newest milestone.
"ooh. Jimmy's getting a hold of potty-training? That is lovely Mrs. Gladshere. 
Yes.. he sounds VERY advanced, you must be very proud."


But inspite of all the failure we are doomed to indure, we still push on with the hopes of different outcomes. Kinda like banging your head against the wall, huh? 

Yet in the spirit of it all.. we too shall jump in line for our turn in forehead-bashing. :)

1. Lose Baby Weight 
- I still LOOK 3-4 months preggo. NOT OKAY.
2. Eat Healthier  
-not be such a fatkid :)
3.Get Atleast Half of our Netflix queue watched our cleared out.     
-Too many damn movies...
4. Paint More - I was slackin this year...
  1. Work on winning the Lottery  
-  we are too damn poor!
2. Get a Better Job  
- people at my work are stupid.
3. Get a car of our own  - FINALLY!
4. Catch up on bills  - Hence #'s 1-3

  1. Get a new family car 
- I'm thiiinking.. like a Chevy Trailblazer.
2. More snuggle time with my wife  
- I really do enjoy it. <3
3. Have pudding once a day  
- it makes me happy.
4. To have a better year than LAST year!
- cause this one sucked...
1. Exercise More -
Even if it's just walking Mazda around the pond.
2. Eating Better
Smaller, HEALTHIER options.
3. Be Happier -
All around LESS bitchy.
4. Get Pregnant Again
& hopefully KEEP it this time. :)

Don't you just love the holidays??

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