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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is the Baby Okay??

I think I felt my heart fall from my chest today.

..or at least, it tripped..

After meeting with the doctor and getting the pregnancy confirmed, I was not quite in agreement about how far along she thought I was. (this was not Dr. Paretsky, but just a nurse in the office) She didn't want to listen, and only wanted to use her little paper wheel and go by my last period to tell me a due date... only problem? my periods have been way irregular since i was 13 and if you go by my last period, that means that im only a week or two along... and that the sperm just HAPPENED to LIVE in me for oh... about 3 weeks before actually getting me preggers....

hmm.. i don't think so.

So after Melissa's appointment today with Dr. Paretsky I asked her if I could run this by her. She agrees with me that Im probably further along than 2 weeks... but when she heard I was also bleeding... STILL.. after two weeks.. her face dropped. 

After that its all a blur really.. "High risk" and "miscarriage" kept being said & I just kept zoning out...

Thank god Melissa was there with me. 

I called my mom once we left and broke down... "Mom, I'm scared." 

She immediately told me it was okay, and told me she didn't care, she would be with me tomorrow at the ASAP appointment that had been scheduled. 
"No matter what baby, we'll get through this, I love you." 

Even though it didn't fix how I was feeling.. it sure helped just to hear her say that.

So I have that appointment tomorrow after We go see Dr. Cole to schedule Melissa's C-section,
(Her aversion didn't work at all!) and get everything all set up for that. 

*We went in for Melissa's aversion on Monday.. and it was horrible! She was in so much pain! I've never seen her so upset!! I had to just hold her hand and try to help her breathe.. it was really kinda scary...*

At the end of the day Mom called to check on me and see how everything was going, and when she heard I was calmer, she told me her thoughts. Last week I had a UTI and she was almost 99% positive that was still the problem. She's sure the baby is okay... 
(my mom is an LPN) I had to ask her 2 times if she was sure.
"Hunny, earlier I was so scared, I wasn't thinking. I wasn't in nurse mode, I was in mommy mode... once I calmed down and looked back at things.. I realized I really  think we have nothing to worry about"

That makes it a little easier to breathe. 

We are still going in to see the doctor tomorrow to double check and make sure, 
but I can sleep a little easier (& Ryan can stop stressing out...he's gonna rub my belly button off!) if I believe everything is okay. 

Will update tomorrow.
Say a little prayer for baby.

Did you ever have any Pregnancy scares??
Tell me about it...tell me I'm not alone?


Anthony and Melissa thought it would be nice to get my mind off things with fun pictures of my belly for the "Meet the Family" page. 

Since we don't know what baby is yet, they got creative...
This was my favorite:



LegosInMyPocket said...

The aversion was beyond terrible, worst pain ive ever felt. The doctor literally picked up the baby through my stomach and tried to turn her. She only budged a couple inches then she decided she was done and spread herself out and didn't move any more. So in the end it was a lot of pain for nothing (like we were expecting...but the doctor wanted us to try it anyway) I explained all this to the doctor and Even Dr.Paretsky said the aversion sounded terrible!

Kristina Ruth said...

Let me know when you hear from the doctor. I didn't really have a pregnancy scare, except that she had a hard time coming out and we almost had to do emergency C section.

KLZ said...

When I was pregnant with Alex, I had some bleeding at 9 weeks. Everything turned out fine. I told the ultrasound tech how embarrassed I was to have been so nervous but that it was so scary.

She said "Honey, if women didn't bleed during pregnancy, I'd be out of a job." So, chin up. Sounds normal.

DanaGabriela said...

Thanks for your nice message on my blog! I'm following you too and wishing you the best of luck with this scare - I'm sending you happy&positive vibes for a happy outcome! :D

BN Mom said...

I'm sure everything will be ok! you will be in my prayers tonight. :) This will all look like a bad memory 9 months from now!
Keep us posted.

Craving Mommyhood said...

I'll definitely be praying for you & the baby. I hope everything is okay!

LegosInMyPocket said...

hey everyone... so sorry it took me so long to write back, its been a rough few days. i wrote a new update with all the details i have so far.. but I want to thank all of you for your comments of love and prayer. it helped more than you all can know. :) thanks again...

sean said...

Wow i think i might be the only male to comment about this but. My sister in law who is bearing my god son and i have been going to every appointment. The first problem she had was that she basically had a wall in her uterus which kinda was heart shaped the baby ripped that open. she bleed a shit ton. but we are about 3 weeks away from her popping now and she has been having bleeding like a period. The doctors were worried her placenta had ripped. Come to find out after about 2 weeks of worrying waiting to find out what is wrong.. that damn boy inside her has a head so big that he is burst blood vessels in her which is why she is bleeding... on top of that they were worried because she wasnt feeling him move. so after 3 weeks of once a week visits to the gyno and ultrasound we have come to the conclusion that the reason she cant feel him move is because there is not much space and he isnt being able to move much but he is moving. there you go a males perspective on pregnancy scares. you know u luv me jaimie lol

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