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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm what?! Can I get that in writing please?!

Something BIG has happened. Something I didn't even see coming...

I haven't been feeling good the last few days, been resting a lot, had some other symptoms that started throwing me off a bit, so I called my mom.

"you don't think.." "no sweetie." "Okay, worth a shot right?"

I've been hoping for so long for SOMETHING to happen, that almost any little change will make me immediately assume the possibility.

But even after talking to mom, I wasn't sure.

Normally I do not question my mother, her judgment on these kinda things are always pretty sound, but I just had to make sure... so I took a test...

Yup, That's right!

I could not believe it when I saw it! I actually jumped off the toilet so fast and ran to grab Melissa just to make sure I wasn't seeing things! (I wasn't even sure if I wiped... ) I was so frazzled. Everyone in the house came running to see what was wrong, & why I was so frantic. Ryan, Melissa, and Anthony, all coming in to find me in nothing but my chonies, (chonies = undies, i had been sleeping, woke up to potty) freaking out. They ALL thought I was upset cause there was a spider in the tub. (I kept pointing to the bathtub)

Nope! Guess again!
No spider, just a really unexpected plus sign!
So I went into the doctors today to have it confirmed. yup! I'm Preggo! They aren't quite sure how far along I am, since my periods are so irregular. if we go by my last "period" (which we don't know was a real period) then I'd only be about a week or two along... which I think is too early. So I'm going by the last time we had sex before my period, which is Sept. 7th. (Yea, I keep track.) 
I'm pretty sure I'm about a month along...

Already?! I can't even believe it.. its still not real... I feel like I'm gonna wake up any minute and this will all be a dream. 

Not to say I'm not Ecstatic!

Yea, I'm one of THOSE ladies.. the ones who love EVERYTHING about it.. haha
Melissa caaaan't wait. she gives it another month before I change THAT tune.. ;)

(I will add a Belly picture later tonite!)
*Though I know there isn't much there other than FatGirl Fluff* :)

This is Melissa & I telling Our Bestfriend Summer, 
(Who has been my other half for the last 20 years, and the Godmother of my child ) 
The big news... & her reaction :)

<3 Ya Breezie!



Craving Mommyhood said...

Congrats! That is awesome and I'm so so happy for you,although slightly jealous! :) I know it has to be amazing and I wish you the best best BEST of luck!

LegosInMyPocket said...

Thanx so much, but oh hunnie! I kno that feeling trust me! it sux! up until a week ago i wasn't sure if I was even ABLE to get preggo.. and with Melissa about to pop, and me being her birth coach and all.. I've DEFINITELY had my bouts with Jealousy.. and now with everything going on with me I'm still jealous! (she's had such a simple pregnancy! no morning sickness, horrible cramps, bad bleeding.. bleh...) I mean she had some small things.. but nothing like this.. i tell her all the time how much she sux! ;) Good things will happen for you dearie, i KNOW they will! i will keep my fingers crossed for you!! :)

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