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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thankful Thursday


1. Our new apartment  - it may be small, 
but its so absolutely perfect!

2. Late night hot Chai Tea  
 - the perfect way to end my night.
3. Birchbox & Ipsy subscriptions  
-A monthly little surprise in my mailbox!

4. My little Kai Nicolas  - the best little hide & seek, Spaghetti-O's mess, puppy chasing, bubble blowing, monster growling, tickle giggling love of my life!


1. Job -pays great for easy work

2. New apartment -
Already so comfortable for being so new

3. Vacations  -relaxing is way over due.

4. Tillamook Chocolate peanutbutter Ice Cream 
 - with a Hersheys Chocolate drizzle...HEAVEN.

(From the eyes of Mommy & Daddy)

1. Heffalump 
 - the best little pink elephant best friend ever!

2. Hide & Chase with Mommy  
- She tickles & kisses me when she catches me!

3. Morning walks with Daddy  
-taking the puppy out, finding rocks & crunching leaves :)

4. Swimming!!
 -Its like a awesome giant bathtub!

What Are YOU thankful for??


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