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Monday, December 1, 2014

Oh, no... this is Earth... isn't it?

What better way to jump back into blogging than with a fresh holiday helping of

Legos In My Pocket

Yes Ma'am! & ofcourse, being that it is the beginning of the week 
we will be starting things off RIGHT. 

You all know how I feel about starting things on Mondays... 

Today will be dedicated to one of the most, delectable, fantastic, perfectly chiseled, wonderfully scruffy, godly powered, golden haired Aussie that there is.

That's right, you know who he is.


Chris. Hemsworth.

I mean, duh. Right?


 Long hair, short hair.. 
It doesn't seem to make a difference on this guy.


Suit & Tie? 
Yes please.

via                                                                                      via

Scruff McGruff Country Boy?


And seriously, those eyes tho.


No wonder he is People's Sexiest Man Alive this year...


I mean really..... duh. Right?

via                                                                                     via

(And for those un-seasoned female readers:)
 Too old you say? I don't like his hair, I hate his scruff...


Even though I might think your NUTS... I feel obliged to inform you. 
This wonderfully beautiful piece of perfection does come
 in a younger, slightly less scruffy version... his brother Liam:

Your welcome.
Now go enjoy your day, you've earned it.



Summer Breeze Clinger said...

So proud of you ♡♡♡

Jaimie said...

Thanx babe :)

Mallori Battiest said...

Sorry it took me a week to read the conclusion. I'm so sorry you lost a friend - that's the worst. But I'm so happy for your little family! I know Kai was a HUGE blessing for you guys, and to me this is a happy ending!!

Mallori Battiest said...

I don't even remember how I stumbled across the story because I OBVIOUSLY don't check blogger too often...

Mallori Battiest said...

My cousin didn't realize those were his real eye colors!

Jaimie said...

HOW?! Did your coz have their eyes closed?? I love his eyes.. so brilliant blue..

Jaimie said...

Gawd forbid... I never remember to check blogger. I have you and a few other blogs in a section in by browser bookmarks labeled "CHECK OFTEN" lol

Jaimie said...

I agree. It does really suck to have lost a friend... two in fact. but in the long run, for now it's for the better. Maybe things will change when time has healed things, but maybe not. Who knows. When it comes to Kai, yes.. He is the best thing to have ever happened to Ryan & I. We couldn't be happier! :)

Robin Rue said...

Hey, thanks for all the photos of my boyfriend ;)

Jaimie said...

Lol your very welcome!! 😊

Tina Nelson said...

I stumbled across your blog a couple years ago, before you were pregnant with Kai. I don't think I've looked at it in a year. I don't blog much either, haha. I'm proud of you for telling your story, and even prouder for staying together and making things work. Your baby is adorable! I hope to be able to keep up more!

Jaimie said...

Thanks :) blogging got away from me with everything that happened, but I hope to be more into it from now on! Thanks for checking back in!

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