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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tylenol? Earplugs? Maybe a Margarita??

 Damn, my headache is back.

I've been brainstorming what to write about for the last few hours, hitting a mental roadblock. As I sit here staring at the screen willing the words to come to me I listen to my son wail over the monitor on the table beside me. It's been like this for the last few nights. He goes down beautifully. Brushes his teeth, gathers his things, gets pj's on & climbs in bed. We read a story or two, and then I turn on his music &  he falls asleep with no issues.  

It's been bliss.

But about an hour or so after he will awake with a piercing scream.

I don't rush in, because I know he's ok but get to him as fast as I can. To which he will hold up his arms for comfort. I hug him to calm him down, and he immediately ceases screaming. He cuddles close as I wipe away tears & begins to fall asleep right away. 

I wait a few minutes & then attempt to lay him back down but as soon as he notices the shift in my body he goes straight and stiff, wailing once more. Holding his legs out like he has full charlie-horses in both at the same time, unwilling to re-bend them. At this point he essentially becomes inconsolable. 

Sometimes I try to cuddle again. Sometimes I try to wait it out.

And then there are other times, like tonight... that I just can't listen to the close proximity screaming any longer. Those times are when (after many warnings) I kiss him on the forehead, tell him I love him & remove myself from the room. 

Of course this causes a full on meltdown.

I busy myself. Laundry. Dishes. Straightening. Dusting.

My house has never been so clean.

But the wailing continues.

I will go in after awhile, when the screams begin to die down, ask him if he wants to cuddle. Sometimes it works... Other times he begins to play around, bobbing his head or kicking his feet. This is when I will again kiss him on the head, & leave the room.

Another. Meltdown.

And it goes on & on like this for hours until eventually I either give up and go lay in bed in my own bed with him (which still can take hours & turns me into a half-functioning zombie) or I just finally let him up, thus throwing off his entire schedule.
 Like that is not going to happen anyways.

I'm at a loss.

I know this is normal behavior. I know it's just a phase.
But by god am I EXHAUSTED.

I've thought about investing in a multitude of earplugs & coffee,
 but I'm just not sure it's going to help.

Help? Ideas? Backup?
Someone to tag in and take a shift while I take a spa day?




Aaaaand he's out of bed again. He's out the bedroom door and at my side with big sweet eyes before I can do anything and offering me his blankie & a book.

Guess we wont be going back to bed anytime soon.

Double damn.



Mary Johnson said...

Reading this reminded me of the first two years with my baby girl and all I could think was - this is one moment, this is one moment. {hugs}

Self Sagacity said...

I had a son who was very difficult at night. That phrase went by slowly. Thanks for visiting Self

Jaimie said...

Thanks :) Tonite seems to be going a bit smoother. Just remembering to keep breathing... lol

Jaimie said...

It seems to come and go in waves with his growth spurts. hopefully this one doesn't last too long :) Thanks for visiting back!

Robin Rue said...

My 7 year old STILL Has these epic meltdowns. I always take a pic and post it to FB because all my friends think it's hilarious. It's not.

Jaimie said...

Ahahaha I've done that too! I so know what you mean! But I didn't do it because they think its funny, I did it because he's so calm all the time when we are out and about that no one believed me that he can be a hellion too! I was always like "Nope. Trust me, he freaks out just like yours. He just likes to save all that drama for JUST mommy. It's so nice of him." -_- I feel ya gurl!

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