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Monday, September 27, 2010

Always start on a MONDAY!

For some odd reason, since I was a kid I would never start anything new during the middle or end of the week.  

Always start on a Monday.

Though I'm not completely sure why. Wether it be a new eating plan, exercise routine, a job search, or starting a new scrapbook, I would always wait till Monday. I would write it out on paper all weekend until I had my exact "plan-of-action" decided. I would make sure Sunday night that what ever I needed for the current project was set out and ready for the early day. (its okay, I'm only a little OCD) ;)

So why would writting a blog start any differently?

 So Here I am late Monday night tap-tap-tapping away because I feel like this NEEDS to get done tonight or I will never keep up with it... (Sheesh)

So let's intro:
Legos In My Pocket is the day-to-day moments that file together oh so chaotically for two young married couples living under the same roof. Their ups, their downs, the funny, the grumpy, messy, & all the in-between.

Let us introduce ourselves:

 Ryan & Jaimie

Ryan & I (Jaimie) met October 2002 in high school.
I was almost sweet16 and Ry was creeping on 18.

We met through a mutual friend who was actually introducing me to Ryan to get his opinion on me because the friend was interested... (oops!) Un-aware of our friends plans I was instantly intrigued by Ryan's "tough-boy" exterior.

I naturally began flirting (like any 16 year old girl would for a cute boy) and tried to play coy...
 He was wearing a pair of giant dark gray South Pole sweatpants,

"I like your sweats. I want in them, they look comfy..."

(Sadly I was actually serious. I had always had a weird thing for sweats & PJ-pants)

  but without hesitating Ryan looked at me and smiled, and pulled the waistband out like he was showing off how much weight he had lost and replied

"Hop in."

You would think this would come off very cocky..but instead..he was extremely goofy about it, & I couldn't help but laugh. I was hooked since then.

Now it will have been 8 years on November 1st and this year we will be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary on the same day. <3

Anthony & Melissa

Anthony & Melissa met in March 2008. Melissa was 17 and Anthony 21. They met through a mutual friend (Daryl) who Melissa and been almost dating at the time.
Daryl and Melissa had hit a real rough patch, and things were not looking good. Since they weren't actually even dating yet, the fight was a little bit of a red flag for Melissa.
Anthony, who is Daryl's best friend had been over and was trying to help by talking Melissa (who he barley knew) through what was happening. He was so sweet & patient with her that she was instantly intrigued. She had never had someone she didn't even know be so nice to her.
That night Anthony gave Melissa his number in case she still needed someone to talk to.

They started texting each other daily and after about a week they got into a conversation realizing how much they have in common.

"Your so perfect! Can I keep you?" Anthony sweetly texted her

Melissa had instant butterflies.
 "Of course you can!" She giggled...
And the rest is history.

<3 Melissa & Anthony Made it official on May 14th, 2010 <3

We all moved in to a cozy little 2 Bedroom Apartment in Kent, Wa together November 9th 2010...
& things havnt been the same since!

We are all extremely goofy and absolutely best friends. <3

& Now, we are expecting another addition to our strange & wonderful family!


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