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Friday, December 12, 2014

Gotta little Christmas boogie in me!

Joining up with my old friend Lindsey over at Ot & Et 
for their weekly "Currently" link-up.

This week's themes: 
dancing, cooking, losing, clearing, sharing
Dancing is an everyday, all day thing in our house. 
We dance for food. 
We dance before nap. 
We dance after potty time. 
We dance before we get in the car.
We love to dance.
We have the music in us!  
We have been slowly starting up the Christmas stations on Pandora, which Kai is super into. He gets really excited when "Marshmallow Winter" from the Target commercials come on... But almost every time we will end up on some Katy Perry Song. 
Kai is really on a Katy Perry kick right now.. but can you blame him?

My Cooking bug has been held off for far to long. This weekend is my first weekend to start cooking & baking and I'm telling you... My fingers are itching to get started.
 My Pinterest is FULL of things I want to try. Man Oh Man!

& on that note, there is NO way I'm losing any weight anytime soon...
Oh well! I will however be "losing" one more year of youth! 
New Years day is MY Birthday, and I'm so excited! I'm telling ya, most people dread it.. but I really don't mind getting older. I'm ALMOST to 30 yo!!

So close...

The only Clearing that will be happening will be the clearing of plates and dishes once I share all the yummy goodies I will be creating over the next few weeks! 

ooooooooh I can't wait! 

Join in! Tell us what your Currently up too!

Next week's theme's:
loving, reading, choosing, designing, wondering


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