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Monday, August 25, 2014

VMAs 2014 Recap

Like most people in the country, I tuned in for MTV's VMA's last night.

The red carpet was crawling with moments that felt so "YES YES YES!" 
& way to many seconds that had me cringing "Oh no!" 

Lets start first with addressing the atrocity that is this jumble-o-denim:


Katy Perry & Riff-Raff paying nostalgic tribute to Brittany & JT in 2001 
prompting a slew of "Who wore it better?" updates all across twitter.


On her own I think Katy is adorable & the 90's Versace style salute brought a smile to my face 
when I saw her step out of that neon orange Lambo and onto the red carpet.


Her twitter post moments before was a cheeky wink as well:

 Honestly its this Riff-Raff guy that makes me uncomfortable.

The sharp shark teeth grill.. The orange/pink braids.. Strange oversized bejeweled cartoon character ring.

The guy is awkward. Like that 3rd cousin you never knew you had that shows up to a family BBQ and wont stop staring... GO AWAY. -_-

But we love Miss Katy, She does weird her way & does it well. 
Plus, I mean, come on... it's Versace! :)


Animal print made a good show on the red carpet. The Beautiful Nicki Minaj was dressed very simply in long sleeved leopard print dress, while Charlie XCX sported a fun over the shoulder tiger striped jumper.

Red dress? Check. Red lips? Check. Low cut? Yup. Slit to high heaven? Duh.
Yup, Demi & Rita definitely got that memo.


Maybe I'm just not up on "fashion hip trends" but these two ladies befuddled me with their choices. 1st of all, Amber Rose.. at this point, why do you wear anything at all? Obviously all your trying to do is create enough of a stir to make headlines.. unfortunately barely anyone noticed. And Solange? I will just never understand that cocker spaniel-inspired hairdo or oversized suit jacket with no shirt or bra for that matter. Uhm, at least you wore simple cute shoes? I guess..


 And ofcourse just a few who I felt looked incredibly awesome.
Lucy Hale & Miley both look so grown up and chic in black leather. 


Victoria Justice really caught my attention with not just the ruffled skirt & tub top, but that #Hashtag clutch! The gorgeous Jordan Sparks looks radiant in that white low cut piece.

Summer is still here with there two Gals!
Nina Dobrev went for classy and relaxed with a high pony & the two toned Maxi 
while Jessie J kept it light and fun with this breezy Maxi.


Its absolutely ridiculous to me that the sexy 3-piece suit & smooth sultry sounds of Sam Smith... 
(he sings that beautiful song "Stay With Me")


Lost to Simon Cowell's X-Factor ladies group Fifth Harmony. I am NOT happy about that.
Plus, I will never like that weird halfway grown out bleach job. It just looks lazy.


And the immaculate Iggy Azalea walked away with nothing? What the hell?!?
....But DAMN that girls body...
 Hugged tight in that beautiful silver Versace gown that had to be fitted specially for that booty!


Gwen came out in a stylish hot pink rocker pantsuit from her own line L.A.M.B.
while O.I.T.N.B. 's Laverne Cox knocked our socks off in that over the shoulder sparkly mini and legs for days!


Usher was there in his signature all white, while Snoop was sporting dreads instead of his signature braids, heart shaped aviators, & a dream-catcher necklace which bottom feathers seem to bare a striking resemblance to a pot leaf. Nice Snoop :)


Chanel Iman went for the skin tight suffocate and trap my legs look while T-swizzle decided to let those long long legs be free. I'm not sure how I feel about either of these.


But you gotta love Taylor for her random mini dance parties

The youngest two girls of the Kardashian Clan stuck close to their older sister. 
But man oh man have those two grown out of their awkwardness and into the family name. 
(Yes I know they are actually Jenner's, but really?)

Miss Nicki sported two other looks as well as her spots... 

The green-Anaconda-short-booty-shorts-show-them-what-twerking-REALLY-is look:


And the this-is-a-major-wardrobe-malfunction-but-I-aint-trippin' look



Cause really! She just strolls around the stage and keeps on going like 
"What? This is how I wanted to wear my dress."

Nicki Minaj

 THIS is what it was supposed to look like:

 She knew she had it either way. That girl is hawt!

Now for the show stopper. The ultimate. You can call her Queen B:


Bey looked stunning in a black lace and beaded gown 
with geometric lines by Lebanese designer Nicolas Jebran. 

She came out and showed everyone that up until that moment had just been the Jr. High Talent show warm-ups to her big show

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And then there was the moment.. the moment that tops them ALL:


Guess that puts those divorce rumors to rest now doesn't it?

Alright Emmy awards.. lets see what you got!

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Oh wow, that performance was amazing! Thanks so much for sharing! xxx

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