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Friday, August 22, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram, this week Ryan, Kai & I were challenged by the beautiful Summer Breeze to the

If your now thinking 
"That the hell are you talking about now, Jaimie?" 

Stop, right now. Open a new tab, go to Google or Youtube and simply type in "The Ice Bucket Challenge" and watch a few of the many many videos you will find. From regular Joes like you and me to some of the biggest celebrities, the Ice Bucket Challenge has been sweeping the nation. More than likely you can type in the names of your top two people of entertainment and find them there, joining in on the fun!

Where the heck have YOU been? Under a rock??

Now before you start saying "Oh no Jaimie, not you too! Don't get swept up in the hype!" Just take a second to take a breathe, cool your jets, & watch this:

 This is not another #HarlemShake fad. This is the REAL DEAL. A phenomenon that has caught spark and flew through our entire nation bit by bit. And the kicker?

It's actually For A GREAT CAUSE. has announced on their site that as of Aug 16th 2014, THANKS to the #icebucketchallenge they have received $11.4 million in donations. That's up from the $1.7 million during the same time frame (July 29th to Aug 16) as last year.

No matter how it happened, THAT seems like it's been pretty damn effective to me.

Not everyone has the means to donate, and that's OK. It's still passing the torch, raising awareness. Someone else you pass it to might be able to donate where you couldn't.. That's how it works. I hadn't even paid attention to this challenge until I was nominated myself.

I read recently in an article an opinion that I feel fits perfectly:

"Besides raising money and awareness, I think the challenge has served as a way to unify people. Hundreds of people from celebrities to everyday people like me and you have taken the challenge and it's fun to bond, unite and connect through this one simple act.

It's fun to be part of something larger than ourselves. It's fun to share in the efforts of an entire group of people spanning different regions, religions, genders, races, ages, and economic status."

 -( )

See? There is that word again.. FUN.

And that is exactly what this cause needed. A bit of FUN to bring people's attention around to a disease that NEEDS the spotlight... even if for only this brief moment.

Here is just another video to shed some light on the seriousness that comes along with the horrifying disease that is ALS.
 (Make it past the 2 minute mark, I promise it gets to the point.)

So here it is, the Ice Bucket Challenge completed by both myself & the hubby..

*Video has since been removed from this post for privacy reasons,
 thank you for understanding*

So just like the video said... my challenge goes out to ALL of you.
Yup, YOU!

Get up, get a bucket & rise to the challenge!
And if you are able, don't forget to donate.. every little bit helps!

It's 5 seconds of cold, wet fun.. to help a cause.
Plus, how can you say no to fun?


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