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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Body, why do you hate me?

First off I apologize if this post isn't as aesthetically pleasing a normal.. I'm writing this from my phone as I sit and wait the 3 HOURS to do this stupid glucose test.

I HATE doing those stupid tests in the first place, & being Hypoglycemic, I've done my share... & they suck. But this 3-hour? The king of suck. I mean really... I haven't eaten in the last 13hours, which is like... As moral sin as it IS... Plus having to drink that nasty ass drink. & now, I'm sitting here, dizzy as hell... & it's only been 15 minutes!!

... I have 3 HOURS to go still...

I'm soooooooo hungry

Sometimes, I hate my life -_-

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