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Friday, April 20, 2012

It's MeMe ME! :)

OKay, So the Grumblies did a MeMe the a while back, & it looked like fun. 
Since she invited anyone to join in, I decided to take the bait!

MeMe Rules:
1- Photo of me
2-10 randoms


Randomly Random:

1. Right now I'm enjoying a delicious Fruit & Maple Oatmeal from MckyD's...YUM! :D

2. My husband & I like to have random contests with each other... Like food eating, wrestling, noise making, dancing & scary movie screaming.

3. I have to have music when showering or I become bored & fall asleep.

4. When I first started writing blogs, I used to capitalize Every Single Word.

5. I like to save little animals from being in the road... even little fergs. <3
(See todays 366 picture below!)

6. I'm very intolerant of citrus... but will still drink orange juice...
even though it makes it hard for me to breathe! (It's soooo yummy!)

7. I have horrible hearing, & tend to hear things 
very different then they were actually said. 
Me: Babe, come eat this sandwich that you wanted.
Ry: Naw, I don't want it right now.
Me: Babe! you asked for it! Why are you not eating it?
Ry:  ...*silence*...
Me: Babe! Come here.
Ry: NO! Your gonna beat me... *smiles*
Me: Uh! How rude!
Ry: What? 
Me: Why would you say you think I'm gonna eat you? 
Ry: *can't stop giggling*
Me: Not funny, babe. Rude.
Ry: *still giggling*

8. I'm going back to school on the 30th, and am very nervous about it... 
especially since I'm still trying to get pregnant.

9. My Hubbly thinks it is necessity that I purchase a unicorn peachie, a backpack, & Lisa Frank pencils before going back to school... otherwise, I won't be cool enough.

10. Since my husband & I are graveyard shift people, I tend to get frustrated if I miss the sun because I'm sleeping. So during the week I try to get up in the morning at about 10am, have a cup of coffee out on the porch in the sun, then go back to sleep.

  Q and the A time:

1. If you didn't have a/kid(s) right now where do you think you'd be?

Well, since we don't have any kids yet (unless you count Dani) then I'm gonna answer this backwards. Where do I think we would be if we DID have a/kid(s). If we hadn't experienced the miscarriage, our baby would be around 10 months old this month. We would be getting to know our baby more & more each day, and counting down the days, planning for that first birthday this summer. Our baby would probably be very attached to Niecie, since I'm sure Melissa & I would have them together as much as possible. We probably would have already moved, or would be closer to moving back to Spokane at this point as well.  

2. What's your most annoying trait?

 I talk WAY to much. I normally don't realize that it's to much and will go on & on until people are almost asleep. I also move my lips when other people are talking. Very subtly, like I know what your gonna say while your saying it. I don't even realize I'm doing it until it gets pointed out to me. And I mother. I mother EVERYTHING & EVERYONE. I don't mean to, its just who I am. 

3. Ryan Gosling or Taye Diggs?
Oh. Ryan. Definitely... 
(Because that's my Hubbly's name, of course!) ....yea right. ;)

4. When are you at your best?

When I'm around people that keep me calm, relaxed, & make me laugh.

 5. What is the answer to the universe?
Music, Laughter & Life.

6. What do you geek out for?
Babys & Pigs.
Bring a baby pig around me & I'll probably need sedation.


7. GLEE or Criminal Minds?
What do you think?

8. What is your superpower?
If I recognize an actors voice, I can tell you almost instantly what else they were in. You can also give me any two-line lyrics from a song & I can prob tell you what song it's from. 
If i had to choose a super power, it would be to control the weather. 
Ryan wants to be invisible.  :)

9. If you could LIVE anywhere, where would it be?
For a short time, like a few years... Italy. 
But for the rest of my life? Probably here, in Seattle. It's home.

10. Favorite Blog?
To read? OMG there are so many... The one I check daily is my girlie Linds over @ Ot&Et. I can't get enough of that girl & her two adorable lil chitlins'! Also I tend to always read S.I.F., For The Love of Writing, Blogging Dangerously, A Grimm Tale, Time to Shine, My Beautiful Disaster, & Words Alone among many MANY others...  

Now I'm supposed to tag people. I would love to see what anyone has to say, so if you want to do it, DO IT!  Just leave me a comment letting me know you did so I can read them! :) But I guess I should do a few tags, so here it goes:

Lindsey @ Ot & Et
Melissa @ 25cent Romance
Danielle @ MyLifeofNonsense
All the gals I mentioned above in #10
And my 3 sponsors this month!

I know all of you will have wonderfully amazing answers, & I can't WAIT to read them! 
Good luck!

Don't forget to check out 366 Pages
1 picture & 1 simple thought for each day this year.

Today's photo:



S.I.F. said...

I'm totally jealous of you going back to school! I would LOVE to go back!

And thanks for thinking of me lady!

Sarah Elizabeth Ann said...

I love that the Lisa Frank school supplies are Ryan's idea, not yours :)

I am jealous of your and Ryan's "L" photo for "Glee." Mine turned out horrible (although I was trying to copy Lea/Rachel's scared face, which turned out to be a bad idea).

I can't wait to do this! Same questions for the Q&A, I assume? Thanks for tagging me!

OttosMom said...

LOVE you! and soooo excited for you to go back to school! when we were trying for Otto, year four, i was so over life. just totally miserable and so i decided to go back to school. i was halfway through the first semester when we did our 3rd in utero and ka-BAM! i totally dropped out instantly :) not that you should drop out if/when you get pregnant but for reals, i think it'll be so good for you to focus some of your energy on something else. i know how all consuming it can be trying to get pregnant every month. and frustrating :( [[big big big hug]]

oh my god i'm writing a novel. sorry! anyways i am the same way with eggs that you are with citrus #sogood and i love that you and ryan do contests. you guys seem so fun <3 but really girl, control the weather? haha! that made me laugh! thank you for the tag!


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