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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Golden Globes 2015

Okay, I don't know about you but I love awards shows. 
 & Saturday nights Golden Globes were FANTASTIC!

First off, you can NOT go wrong with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler hosting. They have announced that this was their last year hosting and if that turns out to be true I am going to be so sad! On top of being absolutely hilarious, they leave NO subject untouched. This year was no different when they closed out with quips at the Bill Cosby scandal...


(And looking fabulous while doing it!)

"We're gonna make it a party...what are they going to do fire us?" 
-Amy Poehler on her third time hosting the show

Man oh man these two!

So some big winners:

     Best Motion Picture, Drama           Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
          WINNER: Boyhood                                      WINNER:The Grand Budapest Hotel                        
via                                                            via

        Best TV Series, Drama                   Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy
WINNER:The Affair                                WINNER:Transparent 
via                                                            via

Best Actor in a Motion Picture,                 Best Actress in a Motion Picture,
Musical or Comedy                                  Musical or Comedy
WINNER: Michael Keaton, Birdman             WINNER:Amy Adams, Big Eyes   
via                                                            via

Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama         Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama
 WINNER: Julianne Moore,                          WINNER: Eddie Redmayne,
            Still Alice                                             The Theory of Everything
via                                                                       via

 Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama              Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama
 WINNER: Kevin Spacey,                             WINNER: Ruth Wilson,   
House of Cards                                                 The Affair                                   
via                                                              via

Best Actress in a TV Series,                        Best Actor in a TV Series,
 Musical or Comedy                                       Musical or Comedy
 WINNER: Gina Rodriguez,                          WINNER: Jeffrey Tambor,
Jane the Virgin                                                   Transparent                                 
via                                                            via

Best Animated Feature Film
WINNER: How to Train Your Dragon 2


Best Original Song, Motion Picture
WINNER: ”Glory” by John Legend and Common, from Selma

  Whats an award show without a Cumberbatch Photobomb?


Though I'm not going to lie, 
Margaret Cho's character made me really uncomfortable.

Well now that we have covered all of that, lets move on to what everyone actually tunes in to these awards shows for: The FASHION.

There was a obvious theme, BOLD BASICS!

From beautiful blues

to ravishing reds

 elegant yellows

"It doesn't bite!" -Naomi Watts on her stunning serpent necklace

graceful blacks

exquisite whites

(*All "color dresses" pictures above via here*)
 I mean seriously! Some of those gowns are amazing!

 The men were not to be left out:

"No, you just get drunk at this event" -Kevin Spacey  
when asked if there is food served at the Globes

"The gloves are just my own" -Amal Clooney on her gorgeous white gloves

Not all the style choices were as well thought out...
A few weren't that far off, maybe only missing the mark by slight:

Then some more than others, 
falling more into the failed prom or bridesmaid dress category:

But when you recover from those bad choices, you are brought back to focus with these captivating choices:

(*All good, bad, & fantastic dress pictures above via here*)

And don't you dare try to say something negative about The fanTABULOUS Conchita Wurst:


Because, the hair? the shoes? the dress??
 You KNOW that outfit is fierce!

And Who doesn't love Emma Stone for being perfectly fine rocking a pair or pants & a hot top. This girl, is my idol!


My TOP favorites left stars in our eyes with their stunning choices:

"It's a little snug" -Kate Hudson on her skin-tight sexy dress

(*Top fav dress pictures above via here*)

But my TOP favorite look was from this beautiful couple,
Benedict Cumberbatch & his newly pregnant wife Sophie Hunter!

  I am SO in love with everything about this!

But the one choice that was on EVERYONE'S mind:

The timeless wonder who looks age in the face, 
& doesn't even need to waste a laugh...
 Jennifer Lopez


Seriously. That woman never ages, & she's still breathtaking.

Even other celebrities are not immune to her sexuality

I loved everything so much! The bad, the good, what the hell was that? I just can't get enough of these shows! 

The Oscars are right around the corner, I wonder what fantastic fashion atrocities we will be introduced to then??

I can't wait!

What was your favorite? Which looks did you hate? Tell me in the comments! 

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*Celebrity quotes found via here*

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