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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Joey... why is there a book in the freezer?

Just another serving of

Legos In My Pocket

with this weeks shout out going to the stunningly beautiful miss

Jennifer Aniston

I mean, seriously. She's GORGEOUS. 


...She's adorable...

...She's sexy...

...She's trendsetting...
(you know you wanted that "Rachel" cut)

 She's just too much awesome not to be on the list. 

Plus, I mean.. Come on:

 It's like the woman never ages!
Seriously.. what I would pay to look even a HINT that amazing..

 I'm insanely jealous.
She's absolutely my #WCW gal.

Plus she not afraid to be funny:

We love you Jen, stay fabulous.



Jaimie said...

ofcourse! I thought it was pretty awesome as well

Jaimie said...

OHMYGAWD I Know right?

Mallori Battiest said...

GIRL YOU ARE LEAVING US HANGING. I assume it worked itself out as you and Ryan seem to be still together via instagram, but I wanna see how you all worked it out!

Jaimie said...

Ahh! I know.. I keep opening it up and I start to write and then something comes up and I have to start moving again! Lol ryan is off this weekend and I PROMISE I will get this posted by Monday lol keepin me on my toes girlie! ;)

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