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Monday, September 1, 2014

10 things about angels in a river that runs 500 days of summer.

It's that time of the month again.. 
No not THAT time of the month, I'm talking about the time we actually enjoy:

It's time for

Legos In My Pocket

& today, my #ManCrushMonday goes out to

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Yes I'm talking about that little goober from "3rd rock from the Sun"
 that we all wanted to find cute

 but wasn't sure if we were supposed to...

Trust me, your supposed to.

How could you not love that smile??

I mean come on, the guy makes glasses, bow-ties, & grandpa sweaters sexy!
(Kinda like another #MCM dude I know... )


Plus, under all the his body ain't bad either...

He looks sexy in a suit.

 He looks sexy Scruffy.

 He's even sexy doing.. what ever this is he's doing, And I want to join him.

Ladies underwear? Sure, Why the hell not?

Now that's a man. 
I don't prefer it.. but I'm not complaining either.

He's confident & silly

Plus, anyone who can hold their own up next to Miss Scarlett and still look that sexy??

 AAAAAAAAAANNNND he can sing?!?


Yes Sir! Okay, take me now.

Want a few more juicy tidbits? 
Check out THIS article for 42 more pieces of proof.



*Various pictures and videos taken from Google, Buzzfeed, and Youtube.*

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