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Monday, November 14, 2011

OMG! ...My bad...

I just realized that I completely didn't have my MFB Questions of the week set up!
This job is running me out.

So THIS week, we are going to have 2 questions, Last weeks, AND this weeks:

If you were given the choice of having $500 to spend on yourself OR $5,000 to spend on someone else, which would it be, what would you buy, and why? 

I thought originally this would be a hard choice, but in the end, I'm way to much of a giver. There are so many people that I could help with that money, it would be completely worth it.

In 50 words or less, tell us your life story. 

Loving, loyal, motherly, & trustworthy. Out on my own since 15, been with my husband just as long. Singer, writer, baker, photographer, artist. Finally married in 2009, Miscarriage in 2010. Pink lover, Pug owner. 
Addicted Keurig User. Living life with OCD, Bipolar, & PCOS. Love blogging, though not very good at it. 
Planner, organizer, Secret COD player.

Make sure you weigh in
& tell us your answers!!



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