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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just a few letters for you...

Today's Letters

Dear Hubbly, I love how much you snuggle me just to help me get to sleep. 
Watching you tip-toe around while I pretend to snore is adorable.
Dear Parking Maid, You keep staring at me as I put on my make-up, checking your watch, & waiting. I will pay the parking fee, soon as I walk my little butt to the box 
with my change. It's just really cold, & I'm stalling.
Dear Lint Roller, I really wish you would just do your job & clean my coat in 1 or 2 papers, instead or dawdling & using 5 or 6. I REALLY don't have time for this. 
Dear Head of Hair, why must you look absolutely adorable the night before work, 
only to be flat & greasy the next morning. Do you hate me that much??
Dear Ryan, Thank you for loving me the way you do, 
as much as you do, for the last 9 years.
I love you.


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