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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Currently... Hozier is my spirt animal.

  The deal: Use the themes provided or use your own - just let everyone know what is 'currently' going on with you. Be sure to stop by and say hello to the other bloggers linking up - especially the two fantastic hosts:
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This week's theme's: starting, looking, listening, snapping, making 

1. Right now I'm starting to attempt getting my blog up and running at a regular pace. It's proving difficult, but I am determined.

2. I'm looking forward to Kai's birthday. I know its still 3 months away, but I can't help it! My baby boy is going to be TWO!! So exciting.

3. I constantly have music on in our house, and recently listening to Hozier has been my current addiction supplemented with The Voice season 7 contestants Taylor John Williams & Matt McAndrew. I've added a music player to the top of the blog page with some music from all three artists... Feel free to check it out!

4. Snapping? I'm confused by this prompt... maybe they are referring to Snapchat? to which the only things I really snap are videos of my kid and weird randoms to my hubby. <3

5. I've been making tons of different soups and such in my new Dutch oven! man oh man am I in love! i plan on sharing a few recipes soon!

Well that's it for me! Not much of anything excited going on here.. Hopefully some of you will have a bit more pep in your posts? Can't wait to read!

Next week's theme's:
wondering, running, winning, calling, finishing 

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Karen Drake said...

I've been making tons of new soups over here too! it's the perfect supper for cold winter nights! And I hear ya with the regular blogging thing... it's definitely a challenge sometimes.

OTandET said...

He is NOT (almost) 2! How is that even possible?

Jaimie said...

ohmygawd I know right? kiiiiiliin me lol

Jaimie said...

oh absolutely! The challenge now is finding soups that are good for the warm weather thats approaching! and for serious, I have the hardest time finding enough patience to sit still long enough to write a blog with everything else I have to do! Not. enough. hours in the day!

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