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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We've Moved!!

Things have been up & down for the last month, getting all moved to Spokane.

Thats right!
We did it! We made the big move...
& now we are just trying to get settled in at out new house!

Isnt it pretty?? This was taken the morning after we got here. :)
I'm so proud of our little house.

We have been doing alot of work trying to get it ready 
for us to move in during the last month., fixing, painting...

The bathroom,


The Dining Room,


The Kitchen,


The Living Room,


Dosn't it look great? Took ALOT of time & effort.. But its finally done!
(The little pile of boxes in the living room is all put away now too)

*There is STILL all of downstairs, but thats not of concern for awhile... Ryan's dad is going to be staying down there for awhile.. so that is HIS space for the time being.*

All we have left is our bedroom & the Nursery.

...The bedroom is basically done, it just needs to be painted still...
It's the Nursery thats going to take the most work.

But that will be fun! :)

Hopefully Ryan & I can get that finished this month,
...atleast that's the plan...

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Sarcastic Ninja said...

Looking good! Moving house is always a monumental task...

Lisa said...

looks good! now you can chill out and rest and enjoy the house :)

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