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Saturday, June 30, 2012

So good in SO many ways

School has been reDONKulous.

It's not necessarily hard,  its just draining.
Alot of new information shoving itself into ever little corner of my brain,
...I feel like I might be running out of room...

and I still have 21 weeks left!

Not much new with us right now,

Nanna is preggo:

Danielle is in Cali:

& I'm addicted to reading:

Now that I have internet back, I'm going to try to get caught back up on all of your blogs!
...I miss all of you guys...

Don't forget to check out 366 Pages
1 picture & 1 simple thought for each day this year.

Today's photo:


1 comment:

Veronica Lee said...

Thank God for school otherwise I would lose my sanity!

Enjoy your summer!

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