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Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm still here! I Promise!!!

Today is the last day of sequence #1
for me at PIMA & I am stoked!!

It's been so much fun so far, but a crap ton of hard work. I have been doing nothing but studying, eating sleeping, studying, sleeping.... and studying... I have barely been on facebook, havn't touched twitter, and my involvment on my blog has been non-existent! uuuuuugh.

...I've shoved so many medical bits of information into my head...

There's NO MORE room!

I feel like a crazy person.

But in the end, this will all be worth it.
All of my hard work will pay off... I just know it.

I will do my very, very, VERY best to post more later.
...for now, that's all I have energy for... my eyelids  refuse to cooperate...


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