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Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Birthday my little man!

So I'm way behind... I know.
 It's taken me a bit to have enough time to just sit down and write on here without falling asleep with my hands still perched on the keyboard!

The big day has come and gone.

What big day?

My handsome little man Kai Nicolas Russell has turned 2!

Oh my gawd I just can't believe its already been TWO WHOLE YEARS!!

Time flies when your having fun I guess!

Of course little man asked for a Spiderman cake:

It may not be a fancy Pinterest cake, but he was absolutely thrilled,

So I was pretty proud of myself :)

We had a ton of fun... eating spaghetti, and cake, having water fights, and of course opening presents!! Kai loved all his presents.. but by far the coolest are the paintings his Auntie Dani made for him:

This gurl has skill... I'm so proud of her!

Kai was more than excited to add them to his collection..

All and all it was a perfect night! 
Now its just a countdown till the BIG birthday party in two weeks! 


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