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Thursday, March 13, 2014

What's Up Buttercup?

My last post was explaining just how much I wish to write more frequently.. but the need for cuddling my little bug takes priority. The same is still true..

 but my little man is getting older..
 & heavier... & sweatier...

And he doesn't want to cuddle the whole time like he used to. now he likes to toss about, put his feet over my chest and his hands in my face.

No mommy, no cuddling, but don't you dare travel beyond where I can still touch your knee.

It's adorably annoying.

So we have been trying to do nap times in the crib, which has been leaving me open to up to an hour of "mommy time", which Ryan & I have decided needs to be FOR me. not chores. 

So unless I'm catching up on sleep, or taking a nice long shower..
 (Baby monitor within reach)
 I've been catching up on some old favorite pastimes. One being pen pal writing!

There is nothing I like more than getting something other than bills and ads in the snail mail box!

 I LOVE it! So now I have joined in on a few pen pal lists, and I realized while writing everyone I would say that if they wanted faces with the names in my letters they should look here, but to be aware it wasn't up to date. Then sitting here thinking of something to do I thought, well what the hell.. maybe you should UPDATE that damn blog. 



Sometimes my brain moves at the pace of a comatose sloth. 

So whats up with us?

Other than taking up snail-mailing as an endurance sport, Ryan & I have been working really hard on getting Mia (His 2000 Subaru Outback) all ready for the summer season. After his very spendy & patiently waited for xmas present, that means new coil-overs, wheels, HID fog lights, Window tinting.. and so on and so on...

He's a very excited husband right now. 

As for me, I've been busily preparing for Kai's first birthday...

His FIRST birthday?! 

When the HELL did that happen??


But I'm really super excited for his party...
 He's super in to Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc.

 We decided to go with that for the theme.
So I did what most mommy's in my situation would do...
I hit up the holy grail of party throwing ideas:

That site is so awesome.

 I've already incorporated some of these ideas for the big day.
Ooooooh I can't wait! I'm so super excited!! :)

That's pretty much it.
...Otherwise, here are a few random pix from here and there ...



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