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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Naptime is prime mommy time.

I want to write.

Everyday I think about it.

Kai goes down for a nap, and I think to myself about what I might want to do with the small amount of free time I have in front of me. I should write. I have the time... but I also have so many other things I want to do. What should I decide? Catch up on my reading?? I haven't watched Ellen in forever, let alone any of my other shows. Should I finish that hat I had started crocheting? 

So many options..

But than I see the kitchen. All in disarray from cooking Ryan's dinner before he left for work. Dishes piled on the counters and in  the sink, garbage full, floor needing a good clean. I glance at the couch with the pile of clean laundry I tossed onto it when Kai started to get to fussy that needs folding, or the basket next to it of clothes still needing to be washed. The dog snoring on the floor below the table reminds me how desperately I need to vacuum before Kai wakes up and starts crawling around becoming a mini baby lint roller. 

Among a million other household chores screaming my name I can feel a decision being made. Priorities are aligning as the pull of enticement draws me in. That's it.. its decided for me, no longer do I wonder what will get done first. 

My eyes close & I take a deep breath..

& join my son for a nap. 


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