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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How's school going?

I started school on Monday, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
 The class size is small, only 10 students… 
Which works out better for me, I work better in smaller groups where 
I get more time to be hands-on. & the teacher 
(we'll call her Madame Dee)
 is extremely nice. So far it's all extremely laid-back and low-key. 
These first six weeks are all about career preparation… 
That's even the course name, "career preparation.
Of course so far I'm pretty prepared… With all of my pink school supplies 
from the panic attack we talked about before. 

So far even the timeline for the class looks pretty easy. 
Even though I have homework already on Friday...and a test. 
I've already had to turn one paper in yesterday, and a bunch of little worksheets. 
But don't get too excited, the homework is an essay about, none other than... 
 Yup I have to write a page about myself. 
And then I get to decorate a binder to be used as my portfolio.
 & the test? I think she said it's on time management & study skills… 
Seems pretty easy right? 
I think Madame Dee just might be buttering us up for
 the all the hard stuff to come... 
I guess we'll see! :)

Ps ~ I haven't commented on many blogs the last few weeks.. 
& I am SO sorry! 
I'm still there! I still love all of you!! I've been reading everything... but even most of you have noticed and even sent me emails about my Twitter & FB being dead in the water... I'm so so so busy, & when I finally stop moving, I'm DEAD TIRED. 

I will start commenting again on all of your wonderful blogs very very soon! I just really need to adjust to the new schedule of things... it's been 10 years,
 I'm a little rusty ;)

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OTandET said...

i'm just so excited for you! this is a huge step and you're going to ROCK IT! xoxo

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