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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful Thursdays!!!

If any of you know us, or follow my twitter, (@mrsjlrussell) you know that 1 week ago TODAY my hubby Ryan's car was stolen. His pride & joy, after all of his hard work & precautions, was taken right out of our garage. 
On that same day we had a HUGE scare with the baby. We spent 5 hours in the hospital thinking Melissa was going to be rushed into emergency C-section. It has definitely been a hard week.

This blog is in memory/hope for "Bo" & and good Prayers for Annaise.

 We also going to follow along behind other fellow bloggers, and use this as an opportunity to remind ourselves what we still have, and show our thanks!

Each Thursday, each of us will give 2 things we are thankful for.

1. My family- Its very large, & still growing, and very different. but NEVER fails me.

2. My humor- it keeps me sane. :)



 1. My Support Group- They keep me from going crazy, they are my family :)

2. Snuggly Pugs- Nothing is better when your not feeling good <3


1. My new phone- Cause its awesome

2. My Xbox- Cause its awesome

( oh yea... Aaaannnnnnd my wifey!! duuuh... )


1. My new phone & my xbox - They keep me from annoying my wifey... maybe giving me more of the NEXT thing I'm thankful for...

2. SEX!- Whenever I GET it anymore... ;)


Anonymous said...

Blog is looking good!

LegosInMyPocket said...

oh! Thanx yaz dearie!! couple more things to learn definitely.. but its gettin there!!

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