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Monday, March 9, 2015

Mommy Don't You Worry - Children's Book Review

Finding books to read with Kai is no hard task. My son loves books! 

Books with lots of pictures, books with lots of words. He loves them all!

Every now and again I come across a book that's not just for fun, but also for teaching valuable lessons that would otherwise be hard to bring up in conversation or explain to a two year old. Finding one that Kai actually will stay interested in with his very short attention span doesn't happen often. 

That's why I really enjoyed "Mommy don't you worry" by Louie Lawent.

You may recognize Louie's name from the book "Gertie the Pig" which is already used in schools all over the U.S. as part of the National Accelerated Readers Program. He is also a lyricist co-authoring on Grammy winning CD tracks, enjoys table tennis & an avid Green Bay Packers fan**

In his latest story, a young boy goes to the store with his mother but becomes frustrated when she wants to hold his hand instead of letting him walk on his own like he feels he's old enough to do. When the boy wanders off on his own & gets lost the story becomes a tale of just how scary it can be on your own when your not as ready as you think you are. With a happy ending as well this book helps put listening to your parent for good reason on a reachable level for a toddler. 

Short, sweet, & to the point with adorable illustrations & a poetic rhythm.
Reading this through with Kai was so enjoyable that he asked to read it two extra times! 

Not to say this is without my own critiques. As a parent and a blogger I pride myself in giving honest opinions in my reviews. When reading things others have written about a product I am showing interest in I want to know the truth to how they feel, so I can make an educated opinion before buying. 

The only things I would change about this book, is I would love for it to have bigger pictures and definitely more of them. I know that's hard for a book with only 12 pages, but it would be something that would push this book towards higher sales. I also wish the cover illustration matched those in the book. While I thoroughly loved the story and the pictures inside have wonderful color & depth, the cover art looks a little like cute cut & paste Clip-art in windows paint. I think a revamp of this book with those two small changes would absolutely make this book far more interesting to a broader reach of audience.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity I was given to share this book with Kai 
& the conversation it then opened between him, my husband & I. 
I look forward to checking out more from this author.


If you think "Mommy don't you worry" sounds like a great fit for your family library, check it & other parent reviews of the book out HERE on Amazon for only $1.29! 

For more on Louie, check out his Facebook HERE.

*Request for this review was made by the author. I was given a free PDF of the book & cover art with written permission to read, review, & share the cover art in return for an honest review here on my blog. All views & opinions expressed in this post are mine & mine alone. I was not paid or compensated in anyway for this review.*

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